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The Best Antivirus To Protect Your Bitcoin

Before buying or selling Bitcoin, make sure your devices are protected with a quality antivirus.

With the recent price surge and worldwide hype, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency, in general, has gone mainstream. Instead of being relegated to a small group of online experts, Bitcoin trading has made its way to the masses.

But one of the biggest challenges associated with Bitcoin is online security. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, meaning a security breach can result in a massive loss of investments. Before purchasing Bitcoin, you’ll need a safe and secure Bitcoin wallet to protect your investment from hackers and scammers who can use different malware to get your information and access your account.

How Computers and Smartphones Can Get Infected

There are different ways your device can become infected by malware. They include:

  • Email: One of the most common ways of infiltrating a device, email viruses and malware are commonly sent as email attachments. The attachment can be in the form of JavaScript, a word document, PDF or other files. Antivirus software like McAfee offers email protection with over 99% accuracy meaning hackers will be blocked in their attempt to steal your Bitcoin.
  • Downloads: Some unsecured websites will automatically download malware directly onto your device, without you even noticing. These malicious files can also be found on secure social media when clicking on different links. A good antivirus will block these hacking attempts automatically.
  • Keyloggers: One of the most serious threats to your digital wallet, keyloggers are pieces of malware that record your keystrokes and send them back to the attacker. The attacker then uses this information to access and rob your Bitcoin wallet. The program can go undetected on your PC or smartphone and requires an antivirus such as Trend Micro, that can protect all of your enabled devices.
  • USB Stick: Unlike other forms of malware which occur solely online, malicious USB sticks can be quickly inserted into your PC and extract valuable information. The USB owner can then gain information that leads them straight to your digital wallet.

Who to Trust?

There are several antivirus programs on the market that can be used to defend against these forms of malware. Among other things, an excellent antivirus must provide anti-theft software, 24/7 support, and secure online storage. These are some of the best antivirus programs to consider before getting involved in Bitcoin.

  • McAfee: McAfee antivirus comes with a variety of impressive features that will protect your PC or smartphone, and thereby, your Bitcoin wallet. It ensures the security of your passwords and usernames while providing data backup, app privacy, and Wi-Fi protection. McAfee will delete sensitive digital files and prevent any unsafe websites or downloads. It also provides for a 24/7 customer support for the period of subscription.
  • Norton: One of the most user-friendly antivirus software, Norton provides intuitive protection and an easy-to-navigate interface. It’s great for protecting against threats to your Bitcoin wallet and transactions. Norton handles all threats automatically, thus, no risky program is allowed to execute on your computer or smartphone.
  • BullGuard: An industry leader in spam protection, BullGuard provides a suite of security tools for both PC and mobile devices. With the recent increase in online Bitcoin scammers, Bull Guard can safeguard your investment and keep you protected. Purchasing Bitcoin without a trusted antivirus software is simply not an option, and opens you up to a wide variety of online dangers. So before investing in Bitcoin, ensure you invest in online protection.