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Barkbox Subscription Box Review

Subscriptions boxes are a wonderful way to try out new products, such as different treats and toys, and something that you and your dog can look forward to.

We first started trying out Barkbox over a year ago and it’s something that my Boston terrier, Nickel, has happily dove into.

My family and I have found great joy in seeing her run around joyously unsure of what toy or treat to start with! It’s something that we have recommended to friends and family with dogs and today I’m going to break down the pros and cons of Barkbox for you based on our year’s worth of experience in receiving this subscription.

Barkbox is a monthly subscription box aimed at creating a fun, safe, and stimulating experience for your dog and you to share together.

1. What Is Barkbox?

The creators of Barkbox are all ardent dog owners that funnel their experiences with their dogs into making an amazing dog subscription box.

2. What’s In A Barkbox?

The bags of treats are full size and Nickel has really enjoyed all the different treats she has tried. If your dog has an allergy, Barkbox does have an option for an allergy friendly box. In addition, Barkbox treats are always all natural and don’t have corn, wheat, or soy in them. I really appreciate the care Barkbox takes with choosing better treats for our dogs and it’s something that does boost my opinion of the box.

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3. What Hasn’t Worked For Us

The main issue that we’ve had with receiving Barkbox monthly is the huge overload of treats. Nickel is about 22 pounds and is right on the edge of the dog sizing options for the boxes. She was originally receiving boxes for the 20-50 pound dogs which led to us getting overwhelmed with the treats. We switched her to the smaller dog option, which is 0-20 pounds, thinking that this would decrease the amount or size of the treat bags. Unfortunately, it did not decrease the treats which was frustrating.

4. Quick Pros And Cons Of Barkbox

We struggled to watch Nickel’s weight due to excessive treats and had to be very careful with feeding her.No options to customize how often you receive a box (ie. every other month vs. monthly boxes)

5. Who Might Barkbox Be Good For?

Barkbox is an incredibly fun service to surprise your dog with. There are many amazing factors and a few negative things we’ve discovered after being subscribed to Barkbox for a year.

As we’ve discussed, an overload of treats can definitely be problematic particularly if you are trying to help your dog lose weight or stay slim. With some coordination between everyone feeding Nickel, she’s been able to go back to being trim while still enjoying her treats, so I wouldn’t personally consider this an absolute deal breaker but I would suggest thinking it over.

If you have more than one dog, I would suggest trying out one box for both dogs to enjoy together. This is a great way to save money and your dog’s waistline while still giving them a spectacular present.

The largest benefit to me is giving your dog absolute joy with this monthly box. Nickel gets so excited that she can’t even pick anything up because she’s bouncing back and forth so much. At the end of the day, I would still recommend this subscription due to the high quality toys and treats, amazing themes, and strong regard for safety for your dog.