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Because Market Trial & Subscription Work

By selling direct to customers, The Because Market promises to offer high-quality incontinence protective underwear and pads at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

According to their website, all you have to do is complete a short online questionnaire, sign up for a free trial, keep trying their products until you find one that’s perfect for you, and then receive discreet packages at your doorstep every two weeks.

How Does The Because Market Quiz, Trial, & Subscription Work?

What level of absorbency do you need? Minor Drips (Low), Unsure (Medium), Heavier Streams (Maximum)

How many pieces do you need per month? You can choose between 20 and 140 per month (less than one per day up to four per day).

Subscription Today

Based on your selections, The Because Market will send a discreet trial box to your door containing 10 units of one product and three samples of another.

Their website explains that The Because Market manufactures their own incontinence goods, so they’re able to cut out the middlemen to help consumers save money, while also working directly with customer feedback to continue improving their products.

The Because Market’s underwear is designed for maximum comfort, with hypoallergenic and latex-free construction, an elastic waistband for a natural fit, an over-the-leg design, and tear-open sides for easy removal. They currently offer Moderate, Maximum, and Overnight absorbencies.

The Because Market also advertises that they worked with Stanford Hospital’s Department of Urology to develop their women and men’s slim guards and that they're the most high-tech and softest on the market.