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Diets & Weight Loss Bistro MD

The price of Bistro MD is relatively expensive, costing upwards of about $8 per meal. Your weekly cost is determined by the plan you choose for 5 or 7 days of meals each week and whether you want 2 or 3 meals per day.

At about $8 per meal, an initial comparison shows that that Bistro MD costs more than other popular diets like Nutrisystem (cost) and South Beach Diet (costs), but less than Jenny Craig (costs | coupons) While this is true, you should consider the following:

1) Bistro MD meals are “complete,” and there is no additional food required

Besides opting to have 5 days of meals per week delivered (instead of 7), the best way to save on BistroMD is to use their 30% off coupon (get code here) which includes free shipping for your first week. They also have a 25% off promotion below.

2) Skipping Breakfast Drops the Price

Breakfast is optional with their plans, so if you do include it, it will cost you more. You’ll also pay more for shipping each month than many other diets, as meals are sent weekly, not monthly.

3) Opt for 5 Days of Meals per Week, Not 7

Personally, I think in most cases 5 days of prepared meals is enough, especially if you are out and about on the weekends. You’ll save a good 20% on your weekly and monthly costs if you choose a 5-day plan instead of 7. Plus, you can always upgrade your plan later if you want more meals and don’t mind the price.

4) What’s BistroMD? I thought you’d never ask.

Bistro MD is a healthy, balanced meal delivery service that uses natural and whole ingredients. Heck, they even have a gluten-free program as well!

Even better, BistroMD is committed to using ingredients from responsible sources… environmentally-responsible seafood, rBGH-free beef, hormone-free chicken, and partnerships with local, family-owned farms whenever possible. You won’t find any Trans fats, artificial colorings, MSG, chemical fillers, nitrates, added sulfites, or aspartame in their entrees.