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Fresh Meal Plan also is riding a strong trend: “We found that consumers are learning more about ingredients and health every year, and there is a rise of demand for a higher quality product,” Elkman said.

Fresh Meal Plan was named the 70th fastest-growing private company in the country, 2nd fastest-growing food & beverage company in the country and third fastest-growing company in Florida on the 2015 Inc. 5000 ranking.

Traditional — with meals such as Greek bison burger.

Paleo — with salmon, zucchini peppers and cilantro.

Vegetarian — which includes legumes and veggie burgers.

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This year, Fresh Meal Plan will add an organic juice line, increase its baked goods offering and upgrade its website, freshmealplan.com, so customers can have more control over which meals to get each day, Elkman said. Fresh Meal Plan also aims to expand to the Orlando area during the first quarter of the year.

Our goal is to continue scaling and growing across the country, making people healthier one Fresh Meal at a time,” Elkman said. “To expand the brand across the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., we plan to continue building our team and sticking to what we’ve done to get here.

Fresh Meal Plan produced more than 2 million meals and projects that it will double this volume this year as it expands throughout the Eastern Seaboard. New markets in 2016 will include Atlanta, Boston, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, he said.

Fresh Meal Plan brings freshly prepared healthy and delicious meals into their customers's lifestyle to enhance and sustain a more wholesome existence.