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Best WordPress Themes and Plugins?

One of the biggest names in the WordPress themes space over the years has undoubtedly been iThemes. In fact, when they launched back in 2008, they were one of the first premium theme companies to emerge.

The company was founded by Cory Miller in Oklahoma City in 2008 — back when WordPress was at version two and Barack Obama was first elected US President. Since then, the iThemes team has grown, with employees working in a range of departments and across a range of disciplines.

Need to protect your WordPress site from hackers? Keep your site locked down and secure with the fully-featured iThemes Security plugin. In our iThemes Security review, you’ll find out how it protects your site from all kinds of security threats, from brute force login attempts to troublesome bots and vulnerabilities.

It’s true that WordPress is a pretty secure CMS right out of the box. It gets frequent updates to fix any bugs and plug any security holes that arise.

How to Set Up iThemes Security On Your Site

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Important: Before installing the iThemes Security plugin and activating any of its security features, be sure to make a complete backup of your site. This is because the plugin makes changes to your database and site files which, on rare occasions, can cause problems with your site.

Contrary to what its name implies, iThemes is not an Apple-affiliated product. It’s a hosting provider offering solutions to those who want to launch a WordPress website.

iThemes describes their plans are “simple, yet smarter WordPress Hosting” options.Let’s take a closer look at what iThemes offers and whether what they offer backs up their claims.

iThemes Security is the best WordPress security plugin created by the security experts at iThemes. The plugin helps you secure and protect your WordPress site from all security threats and provides you with peace of mind. It’s simple and user-friendly; you can use it easily even if you’re a beginner.