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Keeper has always emphasized security, more than some other password managers.

But in the past that sometimes came at the expense of things that consumers prize like ease-of-use and eye-catching aesthetics. Thankfully, the password manager has made some smart updates since the last time I reviewed it, including modernizing its interface, while strengthening its already impressive security features.

Keeper also recognizes when you’ve accessed a website’s “change password” page and surfaces a one-click update-and-save option to store the new password in your vault.

The Security Audit section of the interface assigns a password strength to each entry so you can easily identify weak and reused passwords and change them.

Keeper supports secure sharing of any password with anyone who has a Keeper account. If you try to share a record with someone who doesn’t, they will be instructed to sign up for a free account.

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Keeper’s free version provides access on one device with unlimited password, payment, and identity info storage; fingerprint and face ID login; and password autofill for mobile devices only.

You can add KeeperChat, the company’s secure messenger app, for an additional $20 a year.

You can also share multiple passwords by creating a shared folder, with permissions working much the same as with an individual record.

It maintains version histories of all attached files, as well. Personal information and credit card records are stored in their own section.