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Healthy and hassle-free meal plans!

If you’re like me, you have a difficult time determining what to cook for yourself every week, and then wander around the local grocery store purchasing a collection of ingredients that may or may not fit together. And, a week later, you throw away whatever you didn’t use and start again. Well, a new service called PlateJoy aims to change that, by helping users create a meal plan and having healthy ingredients delivered to their doors.

PlateJoy addresses every obstacle — aside from cooking the meal — for as little as $8 per month.

For the $8-$12 per month, you’ll get unlimited personalized meal plans for whichever courses you’d like (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack), custom recipes, the option to add your own personalized recipes to menus, and smart, easy grocery lists optimized to reduce food waste that you can schedule for delivery in less than a minute.

If you’re satisfied, you can proceed to checkout, where you have 2 plan options: 6 months for $69.00, or 12 months for $99.00. You have 10 days with the trial before you pay, so if you aren’t satisfied, you don’t have to continue. I actually was really impressed with my options so I continued the plan.

Co-founder Christina Bognet says the cost will be less per person as the service scales up meals — it’s cheaper to buy for bigger meals in general.

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PlateJoy was created to help users plan meals and to reduce the amount of food they throw away, by delivering only what the user needs.

All you need to do is take the PlateJoy lifestyle quiz and you’ll receive personalized meal plans with unlimited custom recipes and shopping lists sent straight to your phone. It’s the easiest way to eat healthy, delicious meals tailored to your lifestyle.

PlateJoy’s main offering is this $8 per month meal plan, but you can also opt for ‘Lose Weight’ from $20 per month or ‘Prevent Diabetes’ which may be covered by your insurance.

PlateJoy could be an incredibly simple but effective catalyst for finally actually eating healthy, and learning a truly healthy way to approach meal prep that doesn’t require hours of digging on the internet.