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Does this cooking education service help occupy bored children?

Raddish Kids is a cooking subscription for kids who like to get hands-on in the kitchen. We were curious about this service, so one of our testers tried it out with their kids to see if it would actually interest children enough (and be low-hassle enough for parents) to justify the cost.

Because of this social distancing, many parents are on the hunt for fun (and educational) activities to do at home with their kids beyond binge watching. Luckily, Raddish Kids is supporting families unexpectedly homebound by offering 10,000 free cooking kits.

Raddish Kids founder Samantha Barnes, who is a working mom of two and a former teacher, wants to do her part to help other families.

What ages is Raddish geared toward?

How is Raddish Kids educational?

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It teaches following directions and a finished product. The directions on the recipes cards are clear and concise, yet simple enough that even a small child can follow them. I liked how it also included some simple text, so even my son could read the directions for himself.

Raddish Kids has a simple model without any surprises (the bad kind). The real value of Raddish Kids, though, comes from a multi-faceted approach incorporating culture, tactile learning, and experiential education. According to our tester's assessment, it's worth a try -- even for just one month -- as an organized approach to helping your kid discover and develop their culinary talents.

Raddish Kids is hands-on and fun, not to mention a great alternative to screen time. The kits are accessible and recipes are easy-to-read due to simple, straightforward directions and kid-friendly materials.

As far as cost goes, you have three options: monthly, six-month, and one-year subscriptions. Monthly costs $24 per month, and you're able to cancel at any time. If you pay for six months up-front, the monthly cost drops to $22. Paying for a year in advance gives you the most bang for your buck at $20 per kit ($240 for the year).