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Spot & Tango offers fresh dog food made from locally farmed ingredients in New York. Made fresh in small batches with no preservatives, fillers, or artificial additives, Spot & Tango’s human-grade recipes are formulated by veterinary nutritionists.

Spot & Tango’s recipes are formulated by veterinary specialists. Their recipes are comprised of real ingredients, providing countless health and wellness benefits to puppies and adults.

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The brand was started by the Breuer family, who gained inspiration for a healthier pet food option after a global recall of commercial pet food in 2007 made them decide to cook homemade meals for their pets.

Today, Spot & Tango promises that all their recipes meet the vitamin and mineral requirements set out by the Association of American Feed Control Officials and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

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Is it worth switching over your pet from kibble to subscription meals instead? We’ll help you sort through the specifics so you can decide what’s best.

Unless you live near its store locations in NYC, the best way to access Spot & Tango meals is by signing up for an auto-ship subscription.

Spot & Tango also offers a “topper” plan, which allows you to blend the meals with your dog’s regular food to improve its nutritional value without paying for a full serving. Our experience showed that the topper option typically costs just under half of the regular plan.

After the trial, all future orders will arrive every two weeks unless you pause or cancel your subscription, which you can do at any time without penalty.