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Got $5,000 to Invest The Real Deal

TheRealDeal was a darknet website and a part of the cyber-arms industry reported to be selling code and zero-day software exploits.

The creators claimed in an interview with DeepDotWeb that the site was founded in direct response to the number of dark websites which have emerged during the past few years which do not actually have anything of value to sell and are just scams.

This is an agenda Democrats up and down the ballot—in blue, purple, and red states—can run on. It would profoundly improve the lives of millions of Americans.

The Real Deal will not only galvanize the Democratic base, but it will also help us win back some of the nine million people who voted twice for Barack Obama and then for Donald Trump.

These are policies that will unite us to make the strongest case possible to defeat Donald Trump, take back the Senate, expand control in the House, and win back statehouses all across the country.

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Instead of fighting a losing battle over the next 10 years for Medicare for All, for example, we should build a broad coalition to achieve The Real Deal.

For too many decades, we have failed to invest in our country and our kids’ futures. We have spent $5 trillion on tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and another $5.6 trillion fighting wars in the Middle East. Donald Trump has made matters worse.

There is a better way. With The Real Deal, we can turn away from the politics of empty promises and can’t-do rhetoric.

The choice we face in this primary is between unrealistic promises that will only breed further cynicism in our politics and building political momentum to achieve actual progress for people who need it.