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Virtual PBX, also known as cloud, hosted, or IP PBX, is the infrastructure that enables VoIP service providers to offer phone systems hosted on their own premises.

VirtualPBX is a cloud-based phone solution that caters to all sized businesses. Virtual PBX enables companies to streamline and improve communications with features such as unlimited minutes, virtual telephone numbers, auto attendant, customized greetings, and more.

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How does Virtual PBX work?

A virtual PBX works with the help of the internet. It uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to transmit voice signals. Unlike traditional PBX systems that have on-premise servers, a virtual PBX has its server hosted on the cloud. All the telephony data like phone numbers, call flows, call notes, call routing, etc. are stored in this cloud server as well.

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A Virtual PBX is an internet-based PBX system. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Unlike a normal PBX which is hosted on-premises and handled manually, a virtual PBX is hosted on the cloud. An Internet connection, a suitable call center software and a web app are used to create the network infrastructure.

Traditionally, PBX business phone systems are usually much more flexible than proprietary systems, as they are using open standards and interfaces. Modern PBX phone systems use standard hardware, which is less expensive and can easily replace than closed systems.

Virtual PBX can be accessed over a web app through any PC, laptop, or mobile device. Also, Internet connectivity ensures that Virtual PBX phone systems have minimal downtimes and connectivity issues that on-premises systems are infamous for