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Name: bistromd

Score: 9.8

Site: bistromd.com

Our Standard Program combines the science of healthy weight loss with the convenience of chef-prepared meals. We'll help you reach your goals and enjoy the journey!
We prepare each meal using fresh, natural ingredients so we will never serve trans fats, added msg or freeze dried foods. Our mission is to provide each of our members with access to the tools and support necessary to achieve life-transforming wellness. Utilizing the science of metabolism correction, we promise to deliver great-tasting, healthy meals that help you reach your goals.

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Name: beachbody

Score: 9.3

Site: beachbody.com

Now, you can get a tight, defined body in real time with Autumn Calabrese and 80 Day Obsession™. For a total-body transformation like this, you need to be obsessed. Do you have what it takes? Available exclusively on Beachbody On Demand.
Now you can work out anytime, anywhere with Beachbody® On Demand—your all-access pass to streaming hundreds of Beachbody workouts proven to deliver results!

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Name: boombod

Score: 8.7

Site: boombod.com

Ready to take your BOOMBOD to the next level?! Then you’ve come to the right spot. We’ll be sharing some helpful tips and tricks to SMASH your weight loss goals by: providing healthy meals suggestions to stay on track, workout challenges to do with your BOOMBOD, and SO MUCH MORE!
Glucomannan contributes to weight loss when used with an energy restricted diet. This beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3g of Glucomannan in 3 doses of 1g each together with 1-2 glasses of water before meals. Glucomannan is the only active ingredient that has been recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in relation to weight loss.

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Name: cookinglightdiet

Score: 8.5

Site: cookinglightdiet.com

The Cooking Light Diet is changing the way people think about food. With subscription-based, custom-made meal plans, members are eating healthier, losing weight, and feeling good about what they eat.
Our customized diet plans are based on the foods you like to eat! Choose from thousands of delicious Cooking Light Diet recipes, as well as the option to mix and match from a list of specialized meal plans.Let us create a delicious, customized meal plan for you. Tell us about your weight loss goal and the foods you love, and we’ll do the rest!

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Name: weightwatchers

Score: 8.5

Site: weightwatchers.com

Start for $0 today + your first month free, WW has helped millions lose weight with the latest nutritional and behavior change science. And, members lost 10% more weight on WW Freestyle than on our prior program.
Just tap the WW app for simple tracking, a barcode scanner, loads of recipes, 24/7 support...and more great weight loss tools to help you succeed! What Weight Watchers has done for me is offered me the balance and the opportunity to be responsible with what I eat but also to feel satiated, to feel comfortable, to be able to go out to restaurants. It’s given me the chance to live a healthy life and have healthy as the new goal.

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Name: medifast

Score: 8.0

Site: medifast1.com

Lose Weight And Feel Great With Medifast. Best Sellers & Customer Favorites.
Medifast has a long, clinical heritage of facilitating the weight loss success stories for thousands of customers and patients. It’s through our unique meal plans that we provide you with formulated nutrition and lifelong habits for weight management.

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